International Partner for Oxygen

Oxygen Consultancy's achievements drew so much attention in the international arena that in 2012 Allgeier Holding,an enterprise based in Germany with operations in 14 countries, acquired its majority shares.

Allgeier SE (ISIN DE000508300, WKN 508630), which is one of the leading professional services companies in Europe, purchased the majority shares of Oxygen Consultancy. Oxygen Consultancy had been growing continuously thanks to its achievements in recent years. Delivering recruitment and staffing services for sectors such as technology, consumer goods and services, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, energy, manufacturing industry, financial services and logistics since the day it was established, Oxygen Consultancy is now aiming to build on its local and regional power by reinforcing its position in the industry, all fueled by the synergy this partnership brings. Through this cooperation, Oxygen Consultancy becomes part of the “Allgeier Experts” department that consists of the companies Goetzfried AG, Tecops and UNP.

German Allgeier SE provides services to more than 2000 clients with its 4000 employees and 2000 freelance consultants in 14 countries. Allgeier is active in staffing, outsourcing, flexible work force, recruitment services, management services, planning and implementation of solutions for the IT infrastructure, software design and development, and technology. Allgeierstates that with this acquisition they have invested both in the human resources industry in our country and in Turkey's increasing influence in the region in the field of labor.

Allgeier SE is already represented in the Turkish market with its Allgeier IT Solutions company that offers software products specific to the medical sector. The Board of Directors of Allgeier published a statement that highlighted how pleased they were to grow their presence in Turkey, a country of almost 75 million people opening up to the Middle East, through a partnership concluded with a very well-managed company like Oxygen Consultancy, one of the strongest independent companies operating in the field of recruitment and staffing. The company also expressed that they were extremely excited by the opportunities that would arise with this partnership with regards to expanding their services regionally and unleashing their growth potential.

In the light of these developments, President of the Board of Oxygen Consultancy Çağrı Alkaya said, “Oxygen Consultancy has been providingvalue-added recruitment services for more than ten years to industries with the highest demand for human resources. Consequently, we have obtained a significant positionamong the leading independentrecruitment companies in Central Asia, the Commonwealth of Independent States and the Near East in addition to our country. Now it is time for us to further reinforce our position horizontally and vertically, and increase our local and regional influence in the fields of recruitment and outsourcing by providing services specific to the needs of every position from the lowest level to midlevel manager.”

Stating that the management of Oxygen would create synergy within the Allgeier Group, Alkaya said, "Oxygen Consultancy will expand its current services through the power and the service range of the Allgeier Group; will meet the needs of local and international clients more easily; and will diversify its activities by growing its own field of business. Thanks to this agreement,the Allgeier Group will be able to serve its global clientsin a wider area.”