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About Us

Founded in 2002, Oxygen Consultancy is a human resources management consultancy company that has adopted professional cooperation as its primary principle in local and international platform sboth for its clients and candidates.

Having chosen specialization as its business method, Oxygen Consultancy offers dedicated teams to serve the geography, sectors, business lines and functions it operates in. Presently, thanks to these teams that are the most experienced ones in their industries, Oxygen Consultancy accomplishes a myriad of assignments in midlevel manager selection and project-based/mass recruitment successfully.

Oxygen Consultancy became a German company in October 2012 when Allgeier Holding acquired its majority shares. The synergy this partnership created and the quality of service it provided enabled Oxygen Consultancy to meet the needs of local, regional and international clients easily through its offices in Izmir, Ankara and Istanbul and the expansion of its existing services.

Today, Oxygen Consultancy

  • Is one of the most dynamic and prestigious recruitment companies:
  • Is known for its flexible, result-oriented and high quality services
  • Is capable of providing services to a wide range of clients from Fortune 500, ISO 500 companies to growing Turkish companies, holding companies, investment banks and representative offices
  • demonstrates due diligence and respect in each and every assignment it undertakes with its team of recruitment consultants who have more than a century of experience in the business

Results of Oxygen Consultancy's strategy and choices:

  • 89% project completion rate including success-based projects
  • 99% first-year continuation rate in placed candidates
  • 91% client continuation rate