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  • EGIS Pharmaceuticals  - Seçkin Aguday

    EGIS Pharmaceuticals

    Seçkin Aguday

    General Manager

    We have been working with Oxygen Consultancy since the establishment of EGIS Turkey. Oxygen Consultancy with their professional approach, competency in time management and dominancy in the pharmaceuticals sector proved themselves as our long-lasting partner with whom we are glad to work.
  • Tamek - Oktay Özdoğan


    Oktay Özdoğan

    Human Resources Manager

    We have began to work with Oxygen Consultancy for the first time in 2012. They gave us great support during our recruitment process. I would like to thank Oxygen Consultancy for their professsional approach and delicate work during our recruitment assignments for the managerial level positions. I hope we continue our business partnership in the future.
  • Havi Logistics - Mithat Oral

    Havi Logistics

    Mithat Oral

    HR Director

    We have been working with Oxygen since July 2012. For the last six months, they supported us in the recruitment projects of two managerial positions for which it was not an easy challenge to find qualified candidates. They managed to find not only good fits for both positions but also they did it sooner than our expectations. In summary, they significantly exceeded our expectations in terms of service time and quality which differentiates the best from the good.
  • Lukoil Turkey - M.Hakan Ehlidil

    Lukoil Turkey

    M.Hakan Ehlidil

    General Manager

    In LLK Lukoil, we believe that "people make the difference". Having competent people in organizations is the key challenge in today's competitive environment. Oxygen Consultancy with their deep knowledge of market intelligence, quick response time and real "partner" approach creates value for our business growth. Personalized dedicated efforts differentiate Oxygen Consultancy from their competitors. We appreciate the hard and detailed work to support our business.
  • Yapı Kredi Insurance Group - İlkay Özel

    Yapı Kredi Insurance Group

    İlkay Özel

    Group Head of HR and CFO

    Oxygen Consultancy is our business partner for sales personnel recruitment for both Yapi Kredi Sigorta (YKS) and Yapi Kredi Emeklilik (YKE) since January 2010. Also performed management trainee recruitment in 2010. During both processes Oxygen demonstrated substantial cooperation first hand and I have been astonished with the teams' level of dedication and performance. I believe this result is mainly due to their abilities that are to be highly visionary, solve complex situations and act correctly due to work ethic.
  • Alexion Pharmaceuticals - Haluk Germeyan

    Alexion Pharmaceuticals

    Haluk Germeyan

    General Manager

    It was great pleasure being working partner with Oxygen Consultancy. Oxygen have dramatically improved and formed our company's organization with their professionalism on recruiting process with identifying best candidates we are meeting and later, have been brought to our organization as full time staff. Let us thank Oxygen Consultancy that have performed since the establishment of Alexion Turkey up till now. I am sure our fruitful cooperation will grow following upon our expanding organization.
  • PIWorks - Başar Akpınar


    Başar Akpınar


    Oxygen Consultancy's industry experienced consultants have the ability to search, select and deliver the right people to the companies quickly. We highly recommend them to especially technology companies, which have been facing issues to access skilled resources as well as the individuals, who are looking for a change in their career.
  • İnci Holding - Başak Ertaş Gödek

    İnci Holding

    Başak Ertaş Gödek

    HR Manager

    In different areas such as Human Resources, we need a business partnership. Especially fullfilling the critic positions… Oxygen is litteraly a ‘’solution’’ partner. Every position we need, , Oxygen Consultancy make difference with creating alternatives quickly and contacting successfull communication of every step of process. Work with Oxygen team is always easy, efficent, pleasant as well.
  • BP Turkey - Ali Can Sodan

    BP Turkey

    Ali Can Sodan

    Business Partner, HR

    Oxygen Consultancy provides services to BP Turkey mainly in search & selection of managerial positions when needed. I would like to note down that I keep witnessing the dedication, professional and enthusiastic approach of the professionals of the company. They (especially Zeynep Aşar) impressed me with their positive approach, effective and reliable work habits, open and direct communication through out the process. I would like to thank them and I wish to have a much long term partner-friendship.
  • PWC Turkey - Sibel Eren

    PWC Turkey

    Sibel Eren

    Senior HR Manager

    They supported us with respect to perceiving needs, meeting demands by analyzing the team structure correctly and leading with its innovative approach within the recruitment project conducted by our Consultancy department. We thank them for their collaboration, positive perspective and self-sacrificing approaches. We wish to continue this positive relation on different projects for Human Resources applications in the future. Best regards,
  • Mondi Tire Kutsan - Yelda Öztop

    Mondi Tire Kutsan

    Yelda Öztop

    Human Resources Executive

    Despite hard competition environment, Oxygen Consultancy shows the difference with quick and successful response especially for our urgent and important project. One of the most important specialties which one agency should have is well understanding of the customer needs, honest and friendly attitude for customer & candidate side, and also monitoring the process and well follow up for me. I should mention that i am so pleased to have met with all Oxygen Team and they are surely very successful all of these subjects.I would like to thank you for our cooperation and absolutely no hesitation in recommending your services to other companies.
  • ACO Türkiye - Hüseyin Arslan

    ACO Türkiye

    Hüseyin Arslan

    Sales Director

    We worked with Oxygen Consultancy to train personnel in sales positions of different regions in our growing organization. We had an efficient process since our working principles shared similarity and they really understood us. They made a significant contribution to us by offering candidates with requested profiles in a short time. We thank Istanbul and Ankara staff for their performances.
  • Coface - Merve Çıtmacı


    Merve Çıtmacı

    HR and Administration Manager

    We started to work with Oxygen Consultancy in 2013. Oxygen Consultancy provided us consultancy services in the matters of choosing the right profile in conformity with our criteria stated in line with the requirements, finding and placing mid-level manager with its experienced and well-equipped expert staff.  In the process of our collaboration, I would like to thank all Oxygen team for their service friendliness, close attention and support and satisfactorily recommend to all the companies in need of recruitments.
  • Hızlıal.com - Barış Akyürek


    Barış Akyürek

    Assistant Manager

    As one of the biggest e-commerce websites of Turkey, we are quickly growing our team. I am of the opinion that the shortest way to find team mates with the required profile without wasting any time of anyone is Oxygen Consultancy. It is one of the special companies that can understand the demands of both its customer and the candidates and take action in situations these demands have in common.
  • Turcas Petrol - Elif Kırankabeş

    Turcas Petrol

    Elif Kırankabeş

    HR Manager

    We have been working with Oxygen Consultancy for 2 years. They have a professional team. They are responsive to our needs, understand our cultural and technical requirements and have the ability to identify high potential candidates in a timely manner.
  • AvivaSA - Derya Keskin Demirel


    Derya Keskin Demirel

    Resources Recruitment and Career Manager

    Oxygen Consultancy was our long-term partner especially for the recruitment of our technology team. They understood our needs as Oxygen Consultancy Technology Team and managed to provide quick solutions. They made detailed researches in the market especially for challenging positions in terms of source and quickly completed our recruitments with their expert and experienced consultants. We understood that that we made the right choice by knowing them better in line with their success in leading of team leaders, taking correct actions by comprehending the structure of the customer and providing flow of information constantly.
  • Bel Karper Gıda - Aytekin Yıldız

    Bel Karper Gıda

    Aytekin Yıldız


    Oxygen Consultancy, which we have been working with for almost 4 years, has been a real business partner for us thanks to its support in recruitments during growth process of Bel Turkey. Their positive approaches always played a crucial role in increasing this collaboration as well as their quick, flexible and customer oriented solutions. Oxygen Consultancy firstly tried to completely understand the culture of our Company and our expectations of the candidates, and then found candidates which can fulfill these expectations and referred them to us. The best proof to show that this process works accurately is the fact that the almost all the employees who joined us through Oxygen revealed a successful performance. We would like to thank them for their contributions to the development of our Company.
  • Schneider - Yasemin Akbey


    Yasemin Akbey

    HR Manager

    Staff approaching endless and limitless recruitment demands of HR professionals with passion!
  • Alexion Turkey - Gülşah Doğan Alakuş

    Alexion Turkey

    Gülşah Doğan Alakuş

    Senior HR Manager

    We have been working with Oxygen Consultancy since the establishment of Alexion Turkey. Oxygen Consultancy acts as a real business partner and supports us in specific and unique roles. The knowledge in pharmaceutical sector, empathy, operational efficiency, constructive approach and open communication are the positive approaches that I have been realized throughout all of our processes. I can personally recommend Oxygen Consultancy as a strong and valued partner for recruiting HR professionals.
  • DuPont - Bahar Buket Süren


    Bahar Buket Süren

    HR Leader

    While Turkey is one of the key markets for DuPont, DuPont Turkey runs through its 2020 Growth Strategy. One of the key factors for achieving our sustained growth is to welcome new talents in our organization. Oxygen Consultancy is surely a reliable and valuable partner for us and we really appreciate their high-quality service. They provide excellent support even in the areas of finding a candidate with very specific skills and experiences. Their work is a major factor to achieve our HR goals.
  • Novo Nordisk - Nüket Germirli

    Novo Nordisk

    Nüket Germirli

    Human Resources Director

    We have been working with Oxygen Consultancy in various projects and each time we could feel that they are solution partners to us. It is always good to know that any time we contact them we get their positive attitude and authenticity together with focus and presence.
  • British American Tobacco - Birsen Çevik Özkaya

    British American Tobacco

    Birsen Çevik Özkaya

    Human Resources Director

    We have been working with Oxygen Consultancy for the past two years for the recruitment of different levels in the organisation. The most important reason we employ Consultancy is because of their versatile and high quality pool of candidates in the managerial level. The performance of our employees who joined in our organisation via Oxygen Consultancy is the best proof of this. The experience and professionalism of Oxygen Consultancy is another reason behind our continuing cooperation with Oxygen Consultancy.

  • DuPont Türkiye - Ebru Katip

    DuPont Türkiye

    Ebru Katip

    Talent Manager

    Turkey is one of the most important emerging markets in DuPont. We know we can achieve sustained growth only through attracting & retaining 'right' talent for our organization. The Oxygen Consultancy Company gives us excellent support in achieving this strategic objective. Highly skilled, dedicated, and professional Consultants has provided us with recruitment services in different areas such as Business Development, HR and Finance so far. The Oxygen Consultancy Company will continue to be our first choice in recruitment & hiring activities in Turkey.
  • Boehringer Ingelheim İlaç - Ebru Kurtuluş

    Boehringer Ingelheim İlaç

    Ebru Kurtuluş

    Head of Human Resources

    Oxygen Consultancy Turkey has helped us during our middle management search & selection process adressing our specific needs. We are thankful to Oxygen Consultancy for their fast and efficient service and being a reliable partner in bringing together our company and professionals that add value to our organisation.

  • Bankalararası Kart Merkezi - Fahri Tatlı

    Bankalararası Kart Merkezi

    Fahri Tatlı

    HR& Finance Manager

    Bankalararası Kart Merkezi (BKM), founded at 1990 and operating in the credit card sector, is very sensitive for human resources. That's why the company worked with The Oxygen Consultancy Company together for the HR and achived many things. We'll be glad to have the company our consultant for the future as well in the frame of mutual trust and pleasure. We thank to the Oxygen Consultancy Company for their result oriented services in HR.

  • Lyondell Basell Polyolefins - Belkıs Tamakan

    Lyondell Basell Polyolefins

    Belkıs Tamakan

    General Manager

    It is a very good experience to work with Oxygen Consultancy which has helped us to breathe during our recruitment activities. Acting as a leader position in a developing polyolefin market, it is necessity to have strong and pro-active staff to support business activities. With the professional approach of Oxygen, we have managed to place numbers of commercial and technical positions into our organization and with the months passing by we have realized that we have made the correct decisions. We appreciate the hard and detailed work to reach potential candidates, good understanding of the segment and punctualizm.

  • SONY EURASIA A.Ş. - Mustafa Gülser


    Mustafa Gülser

    HR Director

    Oxygen Consultancy has been one of the most reliable business partner, that we have a strong and long term relationship. Competition in the business environment requires companies to search for fast and creative solutions. With its amazing energy Oxygen Consultancy has easily answered urgent needs in a professional style. We appreciate their sustainable partnership and cooperation.
  • SONY EURASIA A.Ş. - Esin Eryılmaz


    Esin Eryılmaz

    Human Resources Generalist

    IT sector has never been that fast paced before. Internet boom in the world and recent technological innovations in Turkish market brings about increasing demand for local IT professionals in this brand new growing market structure. Turkey will rapidly go on attracting global IT business and Oxygen Consultancy has already taken its part in recruitment area with a quantum leap. They adopted a new account management concept placing specific professionals to head up. As Sony Eurasia, we have witnessed their dedicated, fast and hard working style so far. They succeeded in filling very specific and niche positions in keeping their stable business partnership with us. We believe that we gain competetive advantage in IT sector collaborating Oxygen Consultancy.
  • Pfizer - Hande Eskinazi


    Hande Eskinazi

    Corporate Strategy & Business Development Director

    Oxygen Consultancy recently supported us to recruit a good candidate for a specific and technical position which was difficult to fullfil. Not only being operationally efficient, Oxygen was one step forward with its responsive attitude. Oxygen Consultancy impressed us with the positive approach, open and direct communication through out the process.