Project Supervisor

Job Description

  •  Manages all the client relations (end to end, as a single point of contact) in related account / segment to maintain customer satisfaction at the ongoing projects and to explore further collaboration possibilities.
  • Builds effective communication to create sustainable relations with the clients and with the internal customer, regularly keeps in touch with this network to remain in good standing in terms of credibility.
  • Collaborates with the internal customer (quality, procurement, production, logistics & planning etc.) to plan and execute a solid operational plan.
  • Defines all necessary processes, project time plan, resource necessities, deployment plan and so on taking the legal perspective, environmental legislations, lessons learned from earlier projects, technological know-how, intellectual property issues, customer expectations, company capabilities and benefits into consideration.
  • Manages the project and client relations from the earlier phases to prototype and then even further into taking the product to the serial manufacturing.
  • Follows up on the product to maintain client satisfaction even after the project is delivered to the production.
  • Keeps track of and networks with the potential information resources in the automotive market (organizations, institutions, fairs, events, OEM industry gatherings etc.) to explore possible business leads that might accumulate revenue.
  • Conducts feasability analysis (when necessary) to evaluate the business value of a potential project, runs the negotiations smartly as per the analysis outcomes.



  • Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering departments
  • Advanced level of English (Written / Spoken)
  • A total of minimum 8 years working experience
  • Experience in Project Engineering Departments of Tier 1 Suppliers
  • Able to work effectively with a directly reporting team
  • Can manage positive relations with other departments
  • Proactive, effective at following tasks up, highly planned and organized
  • Active driver, willing to travel
  • Advanced skills on engineering with track record on development culture background.