Being a Team is Success

Focal Points


Our industry teams are as follows according to their experience and specialty:

  • Consumer Products and Services
  • Financial & Professional Services
  • Information, Technology and Telecommunication
  • Tourism, Entertainment & Accommodation
  • Media
  • Drug & Health Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Energy

Oxygen Consultancy's functionally separated teams are as follows:

  • Finance & Accounting
  • Information Technologies & Engineering
  • Human Resources
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Operation
  • Administration and Support works
Management Level

Individuals are in continuous development such as the organizations. As they develop and climb towards the management level they get new skills and responsibilities, they encounter different opportunities and situations which have to be resolved and they equip themselves against new situations and problems that might arise.

In selection and placement the situation is not different. Consultants have to know the requirements of the related management level together with industry and function. Consultants are also responsible in determining the needs and basic values of the candidates and have to communicate with them according to these. According to the management level, the consultants should understand what kind of personal skills are required and have act according to these in candidate research and evaluation processes. Oxygen Consultancy provides consultancy services according to 4 main management level:

  • Specialist
  • Manager
  • Director
  • Executive¬†Management

Qualified work force has become the most valuable and rare resource of our days. The companies are working in creating new markets in new locations they have trouble in finding the right and capable people to whom they can entrust their business. The demand and supply unbalance within the qualified work force is especially increasing in regions which are still developing.

As a member of a group which is active in different countries of the world, we are proud to offer the most accurate and appropriate candidate with our 3 offices in Turkey. Until today, we realized successful works in Central Asia, Eastern Europe, Far East, Middle East and Northern Africa, Turkey, Great Britain and USA.


All companies aim to grow. The growing is sometimes the natural result of a planning and sometimes is a process resulted from the new requirements of the market which can be risky. Sometimes in order to increase sales, provide new products to the market or to offer activities in new regions it is necessary to grow the sales teams and sometimes it is necessary to grow in order to prevent being purchased by bigger companies, transform newly purchased company or to restructure the business. The increase in the manufacturing capacity, the establishment of call center in order to meet varying client request can become necessary.

Oxygen Consultancy is ready to support you in managing the difficulties and opportunities that the growing brings with its expanded candidate pool which can work all around Turkey, with its consultancy team specialized in network relations and mass employment. Therefore in mass employment projects, the operational load on the Human Resources is decreased and the HR department gains the opportunity to work on critical issues that are results of the growing.